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As you explore our exclusive Indian dating platform, you’ll discover the perfect blend of traditional values and modern romance. Embrace the cultural richness of India as you ignite your love life with us. Love knows no borders, and at PHONE A FRIEND, we believe that your soulmate could be just a click away.

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At PHONE A FRIEND, we understand the importance of finding that special someone who shares your values and dreams. We bring together individuals who are seeking meaningful relationships, fueled by love, laughter, and a promise of happily ever after. Our platform is designed to make Indian dating a delightful and fulfilling experience, catering to the unique needs and desires of our diverse community.

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Join us on this incredible journey, where Bollywood-worthy love stories come to life. Whether you’re searching for a life partner or a lifelong friend,  PHONE A FRIEND is here to make your dreams come true. Experience the joy of swiping, matching, and making memories in India, where every connection is an opportunity for love and happiness.

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At PHONE A FRIEND, we understand that love knows no boundaries, and that’s why we strive to create an inclusive and authentic dating experience for our members. With our exclusive Indian dating app, you can unleash the power of love and embark on a journey filled with joy, companionship, and unforgettable moments.

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  1. Authentic Connections: We believe that real connections are built on authenticity. That’s why we encourage all our members to showcase their true selves, enabling you to connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate you for who you are.

  2. Local Focus: With a focus on India, we bring together people from various cities, towns, and communities across the country. Find someone nearby who understands your culture, language, and lifestyle.

  3. Comprehensive Profiles: Get to know potential matches through detailed profiles that highlight personal interests, hobbies, and relationship preferences. This helps you initiate conversations that are both meaningful and engaging.

  4. Advanced Matching Algorithm: Our state-of-the-art matching algorithm considers your preferences and behavior to suggest compatible partners. Spend less time searching and more time connecting with people who are genuinely compatible.

  5. Safe and Secure: Your safety is our top priority. We implement advanced security measures to ensure a safe online environment. Our team works tirelessly to monitor and moderate the platform, providing you with a worry-free dating experience.

How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Create your profile by providing essential details about yourself. Be sure to add a captivating bio and a profile picture that showcases your personality.

  2. Explore Profiles: Browse through a diverse range of profiles and use our search filters to find individuals who match your criteria. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a casual connection, there’s someone for everyone.

  3. Connect: Initiate conversations with those who catch your eye. Our user-friendly chat feature makes it easy to strike up a conversation and get to know each other better.

  4. Build a Connection: Take your time to build a genuine connection. Share your stories, experiences, and aspirations to create a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

  5. Meet Up: Once you’ve established a meaningful connection online, consider taking the next step and meeting in person. Plan a safe and comfortable date to see if the chemistry you’ve built online translates to real life.

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With their thorough matching technique, "PHONE A FRIEND" is the ideal dating service if you're seeking for a long-term connection. It considers your personality in addition to just simple matching.

Ayesha Malik


The best dating site for people looking for a committed relationship is "PHONE A FRIEND" They emphasise various levels of dedication from their members when it comes to matchmaking. Every month, more than 173,000 new users sign up with the intention of finding love.

Aman Sharma


I'm happy to report that innovdate matches people fairly well. When it comes to covid, I message a lot of my matches and have also used the video date. I've had three video with one guy, each lasting a few hours. The best. Each of them has a theme. We've already gone on our first coffee date, a Netflix movie date, and a dinner date.

Reema Rajput


A fantastic dating site. Last year, I met my significant other on PHONE A FRIEND, and everything has gone smoothly ever since. She lived just around 15 miles away and was one of the first matches they sent me. If not for the fact that we never went to the same places or knew any of the same acquaintances.

Akash Choudhary


PHONE A FRIEND : A Reliable, Secure, and Certified Dating Site

PHONE A FRIEND has dedicated itself to provide a secure environment to make new friends and begin long-lasting relationships for more than two decades. Our Trust & Safety team puts a lot of effort into making sure that our users find the most suited matches in a safe setting.

There are ups and downs in dating. But when you meet someone wonderful, it all pays off. PHONE A FRIEND is available to you when you decide it’s time to find that special someone.

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